​To receive consideration, proposals shall be made in accordance with the following general instructions:

  • Proposers shall fill out a Application Cover Page.
  • The Proposal shall be consistent with Attachment B Scoring Criteria of this RFP.
  • The completed proposal shall be in PDF format.
  • The submission of a proposal shall be an indication that the applicant has investigated and satisfied him/herself as to the conditions to be encountered, the character, quality and scope of the work to be performed, and the requirements of the District, including all terms and conditions contained within this RFP.

Additional Questions?

Clarke Stevenson

Competition Coordinator

Leading researchers and elected officials see the promise of a thriving wood product industry in California - Sonoma County is poised to be a leader. 

Sonoma County Biomass Business Competition

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Application Submission

Rob Bamford

Air District Executive Officer


The Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution District (NoSoCoAir) proudly presents the Sonoma County Biomass Business competition (Bio Biz Competition).  The Competition seeks to turn wildfire risk in Sonoma County into an economic development opportunity. Through a county-wide collaboration of forest experts, business leaders and public officials, the Competition is looking to build a wood products industry in Sonoma from forest restoration projects by directly investing in entrepreneurs who can catalyze an untapped sector in California.